Technology Architecture

Utmost Tech, technology of tomorrow, just today!

Managing Innovations

Our development process follows the principles of Agile methodology for innovative projects, supported by SCRUM framework and professional set of software and hardware tools.

Successful Process

From an initial idea to final product, Utmost Tech supports its partners in product design, prototyping as well as technical and business analysis during pre-manufacturing and manufacturing stages.

Global Reach

Utmost Tech cooperates with technology universities and institutes across Europe, Asia, and USA, combining multiple scientific achievements into complex technology solutions that unlock a potential for sustainability, eliminating carbon footprint and disrupting destructive technologies on Earth.

more about us

Utmost Tech is a multi-disciplinary hi-tech organisation consisting of several teams experienced in advanced IT solutions, electronics, software and hardware development, as well as nano material science. The teams are dedicated to boost innovation in the energy sector, focused to take over the world with the distributed renewable energy solutions.

  • Grid-Ready Certification
  • Electronics design
  • DFM & Assembly Analysis
  • Rapid prototyping
  • EPC Consulting
  • Feasibility Study
  • CAD/CAM Design
  • Concept design
  • Accelerated Testing & Stress Analysis


We have created Diffused Energy and Nanocell Energy to eliminate CO2 emissions and provide clean, safe, black-out-free solution that generates enough power for generations to come.


Enter the Enernet™

// Enernet™ – deep learning network of smart energy metering devices. The serverless, decentralized computing platform with a minimal carbon footprint and a fraction of the operating cost in comparison to standard data centers.

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