Managing Innovations

Our development process follows the principles of Agile methodology for innovative projects, supported by SCRUM framework and professional set of software and hardware tools.

Lean Management | Kaizen | SixSigma

Successful Process

From an initial idea to final product, Utmost Tech supports its partners in product design, prototyping as well as technical and business analysis during pre-manufacturing and manufacturing stages.

R&D Process | Risk Management | Business Intelligence

Global Reach

Utmost Tech cooperates with technology universities and institutes across Europe, Asia, and USA, combining multiple scientific achievements into complex technology solutions that unlock a potential for sustainability, eliminating carbon footprint and disrupting destructive technologies on Earth.

Our Services

Advancement of Photovoltaics & Energy Storage

Our mission is to not only bring significant improvements but also to revolutionise methods of transforming photons into electrons.

We are chosen for professionalism, honesty and individual approach to each client

Utmost Tech’s business principles are focused on sustainability of life on Earth, putting good relation with our clients over all the other KPI’s.

Application of the latest technological processes and trends

The machine shop features top of the line 5-axis CNC milling centers, hybrid metal 3D printers, laser, plasma, and wire cutters, ultrasonic welders, and more…

The quality control equipment include optical scanners, CNC microscopes and touch probes, spectrophotometers, as well as full range of tensile strength and compression measuring systems.

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