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diffused.energy™ is a family of technologies developed by Utmost Tech R&D Center that truly enable the vision of sustainable distributed energy clusters of the future.

diffused.energy™ Platform Solution is a distributed computing system for energy industry that uses on-premise hardware accelerated neural network algorithms to accurately predict and optimize renewable energy production and consumption among the energy cluster participants. It also lays a foundation for the energy industry to enter the secure services space in the emerging Smart Cities solutions.

Electric power supplies historically functioned in a monopoly ecosystem, where the market was controlled by selected, large participants. Over time, electricity production became open to competition but the network infrastructure remained managed by National Grid Operators. For this reason, electricity is supplied to end users in a strictly regulated environment. New technologies and the dissemination of dispersed energy sources pose new challenges for network management.

diffused.energy™ offers a complete and reliable solution, intended for all participants of the energy market at the local, cluster scale and beyond. The key task of the platform is to adjust the demand and supply of energy to the precise needs set by users. The core system’s function is to establish an efficient peer-to-peer energy exchange that immediately generates significant value for consumers, energy producers, power grid operators and the environment. The platform has many functional features available in competitive solutions but it also has unique features; it was designed from the very beginning for the distributed energy market.

The system supports non-intrusive incorporation of Permanent Modular Construction (PMC), which are energy-generating sources that meet local power needs virtually anywhere on the planet. The system manages the energy  production, distribution, storage and trading with a standardised container-based construction of Hybrid Micro Power Plants, equipped with Li-Ion batteries and LNG / bio-gas generators.

diffused.energy™ Platform Solution Unique Features:

Improving the reliability of services by enabling the supply of electricity from many suppliers and the use of intelligent contracts covering contract insurance by actual market participants, including balancing units such as Energy Storage Systems;

Reduction of damages in the power grid by adjusting the supply in real time to the needs and handling ADR transactions at the local level;

Optimization of production volume by using forecasting tools and their integration with the trading platform;

Overall reduction of the electricity price by endorsing the market competitiveness at the local scale i.e. providing local energy exchange and optimizing energy purchases using multi-factor forecasts;

Greater savings in response to demand thanks to real-time market driven energy prices;

Gradual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions thanks to the ability to selectively choose contracts from “green energy” sources;

The platform covers all financial services for contracts, from the moment of conclusion, where the consumer credit mechanism is applied by a bank institution until the contract is settled on the basis of actual data between its participants e.g. consumer, insurer, energy storage system (ESS) and distribution system operator (DSO).

The diffused.energy™ platform is designed to work with renewable power sources such as wind, hydro or solar farms as well as smaller household photovoltaic installations. The exchange of information required to provide these producers of energy access to the other users like consumers, Energy Storage Systems and External Markets is maintained via blockchain-secured energy trading [e]rrency™ technologies.

The diffused.energy™ platform enables the use of advanced energy trading algorithms to buy energy from the market at the cheapest price, well in advance when the prices are low, and to sell the surplus energy from the Cluster sources and the energy storage systems when the price and demand are high – at power usage peaks.

Powered by the MeterOne™ grid-end smart metering devices, the system runs distributed deep learned algorithms to predict energy harvesting and consumption profiles, optimizing energy efficiency turnarounds among all the Cluster members.

In addition, diffused.energy™ platform allows specific entities, at the data owner permit, to processes millions of historical and real-time data, to provide even more accurate energy production and consumption forecasts and models for the benefit of the Cluster users.

The transition to a new type of ecosystem of energy settlements is associated with challenges such as: providing access to energy, reliability and resilience of the system, security and decarbonization at the lowest cost and without adversely affecting the current reliability of the network.

diffused.energy™ platform uses a system of energy tokens equivalent to kWh of energy and settlement [e]rrency™ Utility Tokens – both based on blockchain technology. This approach reduces barriers and facilitate optimal coupling of local electricity generation with sites that can most effectively evaluate, generate, store, trade and use energy. This is supported by the growing dispersed energy ecosystem that at best meets its own load requirements in normal use, while simultaneously opening direct and derived streams of service values to peripheral distribution system operators (DSOs). The intelligent contract model foresees functioning of system participants in different roles and provides for the possibility of extending these roles.

The implementation of [e]rrency™ technologies is based on a private blockchain technology, where each participant of the network uses a certificate issued by the diffused.energy™ Certification Authority. The certificate defines the role of a participant as well as authenticates and encrypts its private data. It is most often associated with a physical secure device.


MeterOne™ is an example of such secure grid-end device. It is a smart energy meter that provides advanced energy metering, control, data acquisition and acceleration for applications utilizing neural-network based algorithms. It’s typical configuration for grid-end device is as follows:

– NVIDIA® Jetson® compute module for applications and neural network models acceleration;

– ARM® Cortex® – M4 class processor for metering applications;

– Hardware Root of Trust for authentication and blockchain transactions signing;

– Build-in Energy Quality Analyzer;

The tokenization of energy attributes, inherently available in [e]rrency™ technologies, enables new services to the transactional energy market participants. In addition to the basic, physical transfer of energy, there are wider social values of attributes that the main recipients, including government agencies, consider to be a priority in the development of renewable energy. This includes energy availability as an aspect of sustainability, power resilience and flexibility to meet increasingly diversified needs in terms of load balancing and origin of the source.

A market participant may join the diffused.energy™ Platform in one or several roles, as follows:

Certification Authority – a certification center for the diffused.energy™ Platform participants;

Consumer – customer that consumes energy (e.g. Industrial Plant)

Producer – the entity dedicated to energy production (e.g. Wind or PV Farm)

Prosumer – Consumer and Producer in one entity ( e.g. household with PV roof installation)

Insurer – provides insurance for fulfillment of smart contracts

DSO – Distribution System Operator

Bank – provides exchange service between [e]rrency™ Utility Tokens and standard local currency

ESS – Energy Storage System – an entity in a business of energy storage

External Trading Unit – an entity licensed to trade on the energy market in cooperation with the National Grid Operators

diffused.energy™ Platform is built on the private blockchain network technology. Such a network provides means of securing the interaction between entities that participate in transactions on the energy market but which may not fully trust each other. Based on the identities of participants, confirmed by certificates, issued by the diffused.energy™ CA, the allowed blockchain block can use more traditional fault tolerant (CFT) or Byzantine-resistant BFT (Byzantine Failure Tolerance) protocols that do not require costly confirmation to occur in networks using proof of work, i.e. mining.


// Diffused Energy™ – deep learning network of smart energy metering devices. The serverless, decentralized computing platform with a minimal carbon footprint and a fraction of the operating cost in comparison to standard data centers.

  • Ultimate level of cybersecurity through asymmetric cryptography of decentralised data registry;
  • Powerful deep learning network supporting smart grid applications;
  • Low power computing modules supporting System-On-Module CPU/GPU or custom ASIC architecture;
  • Designed for large deployments of digital currencies, smart contracts, distributed apps, and more…
  • Advanced energy metering and real-time power efficiency analytics;
  • Seamless & transparent peer-to-peer transactions running on blockchain technology;
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition over LoRA, WiFi, and GSM;

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The evolution of IaaS

The evolution of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) is proceeding towards serverless solutions and distributed systems, where low power consumption (no cooling costs) guarantees low operating cost and low carbon footprint. The distributed network of MeterOne devices is based on the blockchain architecture and asymetric cryptography offering unbeatable cybersecurity solutions and applications in both Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Function-as-a-Service business models.



The serverless computing architecture of the EnernetOne network provides virtualized runtime environment and operational management that completely abstracts the underlying infrastructure from developers. The EnernetOne’s FaaS allows deploying smart contracts and distributed apps without worrying about servers, virtual machines, or the computing resources in the background.