EPC Consulting

Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Utmost Tech with its affiliates and partners have strong experience and capacity to deliver complex utility scale renewable energy production and storage projects. The project development, feasibility studies and electrical engineering tasks are supervised by Energy Management Systems Ltd., a team of Sc.D.-level engineers specialised in the renewable energy sector.

During development of the engineering projects we use Big Data gathered on-premises and processed by an advanced deep-learning algorithms to improve the grid load balancing, allow for real-time monitoring of energy efficiency and guarantee solid savings for energy consumers.

Utmost Tech works with insured and licensed entities specialised in the international procurement and logistics that streamlines the complete purchasing process with full transparency and ease of use for investors and contractors. Use of modern software and established network of agents for purchasing and logistics allows us to respond quickly to the demands of the rapidly growing renewable energy business while maintaining clarity on important financial and customs data.

The implementation of proprietary, highly advanced IT solutions in the field of monitoring and management of renewable energy sources allowed us to fulfill the needs of energy producers and consumers by delivering clear, transparent and reliable data. The users of Diff used Energy systems benefit from savings through energy efficiency and Demand Side Response components as well as an increased overall yield of the renewable energy installations.

VIS Energia Ltd. is an exclusive software house dedicated to support the Diff used Energy projects with the best custom software for managing O&M operations.

Utmost Tech has developed its technical know-how and organizational capabilities, allowing it to successfully complete more demanding projects within renewable energy sector as the contractor of specialized large-scale turn-key projects, undertaking complete range of Engineering, Procurement and Construction activities.

Supported by LAMEL Ltd. – a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty power transformator stations, power switches and Energy Storage Systems, the Company presents an extensive expertise and resources to design, build and operate even the most complex renewable energy installations world-wide.

EPC Milestones

Major works related to the PV farm construction covered by the offer:

• Electrical and construction engineering project of the complete PV farm installation, including Energy Storage Systems and hybrid natural gas with co-generation configurations;

• Feasibility studies for technical, economical and environmental analytics;

• Implementation of an electrical project;

• Implementation of the construction design;

• Procurement and logistics of all system components;

• Installation of photovoltaic modules;

• Procurement and assembly of balance connections;

• Procurement and assembly of the supporting structure;

• The equipotentialisation of the supporting structure and installation of tracking systems;

• Installation of DC wiring with solar connectors;

• Assembling the inverter systems;

• Installation of surge protection devices;

• Installation of AC power cables, including ground works;

• Installation of internal power lines;

• Installation of an electrical switchboard;

• Installation of overvoltage protections;

• Installation for monitoring systems and signal wiring;

• Electrical connection test and measurements of DC and AC installations.

• System programming for autonomous operation;

• Technical, operating and maintenance documentation;

Global Reach

Utmost Tech cooperates with technology universities and institutes across Europe, Asia, and USA, combining multiple scientific achievements into complex technology solutions that unlock a potential for sustainability, eliminating carbon footprint and disrupting destructive technologies on Earth.